Timebox has improved AGAIN!

Timebox has added customization to the product allowing users much more flexibility in their screens.  The new Timebox allows administrators to customize all of their input screens for projects.  Do you need a picklist with options you define?  You can do that!  Do you need to reorder entire sections of your screen layouts in your story forms?  You can do that too.

As an owner of a project you can open the “Project Settings” dialog where you can select “Customize Screens and Fields” to begin customizing your forms.

Customize Fields
From the Customize Fields screen you can select the business object you want to customize.  You are then presented with a list of available fields in the system you can customize or feel free to add your own fields with the “New Field” option.

When a user selects the “New Field” option the first choice is the type of field to create.  The options are:

Date Allows users to enter a date or pick a date from a popup calendar.
Decimal Allows users to enter any number up to 18 digits long with up to 10 decimal places.
Number Allows users to enter any whole number. Leading zeros are removed.
Picklist Allows users to select a value from a list you define.
Text Allows users to enter any combination of letters and numbers up to 255 characters.

Once the type of field is selected the user can then define several attribute fields to provide more options to the user and flexibility on how the fields are used.  The field options are:

Caption This field is the label that will show up on the end form by the input field.
Description This field let’s the user add some details about the purpose of this field.
Required Checkbox that makes the field required in order to submit the form
Help Text This field provides an area for you to add helpful text that will appear on the form as a tooltip by your input.
Length This limits the number of characters that this field should allow.  The maximum allowed is 255.  This is only available on the Text Custom Field.
Number of Digits Total length of number including decimal points.  This is only available on the Decimal Custom Field type.
Number of Decimals Number of decimal points allowed.  This is only available on the Decimal Custom Field type.
Picklist Options The picklist options are the values that will appear in the dropdown selection in a form.  A user can add multiple values and even reorder them.  This is only available on the Picklist Custom Field Type

Customize Screen Layouts

Once a user is satisfied with all the fields they need you can begin customizing your actual screen layout for your team to use.  From the menu you can select the “Screen Layouts” section to begin your form layout.  On this screen you will find 3 major sections that are used to layout your screen.

1. Create & Order Screens
This section allows the user to create multiple sections within their form.  This allows you to logically group sections of a form as they relate to each other.  You can add sections and then reorder them by simply dragging the handle on the left.

2. Select & Order Fields for Screens
This section of the screen allows you to select from the fields you created earlier as well as standard fields defined by Timebox.  You can use the controls to move fields on and off your form.  In addition, you can order the fields by moving your selected fields up and down the list.

3. Set Options for your fields & select the sections they appear
The final section of the screen allows the user to select which screen section the associated field will appear, in as well as providing options to create Read Only and Required fields.

About Timebox

Timebox is a simple agile project management tool
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